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Welcome bonus FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What is the welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus is a £50 gift, credited to your General Investment Account, when you join CMC Invest as a new customer. We want to encourage you to start your investing journey with us and with a little bit of seed money.

How do I get the welcome bonus?

To be eligible for the welcome bonus, you must successfully open a General Investment Account (GIA) and fund/deposit a minimum amount of £50 to your GIA, within the first 30 calendar days, from the date your account was opened. (Funding your ISA will not count towards your eligibility for the welcome bonus.)

When will I receive the welcome bonus?

Upon successfully fulfilling the eligibility criteria, you will receive the welcome bonus within 6 business days into your General Investment Account.

When will the welcome bonus end?

The welcome bonus will end on the 30th of April 2023. However, this offer may be extended at CMC Invest’s discretion.

Can I withdraw my welcome bonus?

Yes, but only after 90 calendar days from the date that the welcome bonus was credited to your General Investment Account. You may want to consider how to use the welcome bonus to help you along your investment journey.

Why can’t I withdraw my welcome bonus?

If within the first 90 calendar days of receiving the welcome bonus, your £50 bonus credit cannot be withdrawn.

If before 90 calendar days you decide to withdraw cash from your account, the hold on the £50 welcome bonus credit will apply to the cash balance (excluding any invested holdings). This means, if you have an £80 cash balance and you want to withdraw money before the 90 calendar days, the available cash for withdrawal is £30.

What if I lose the bonus on an investment?

If you lose your welcome bonus or any funded money from an investment you've made on the application, CMC Invest will not be liable based on the welcome bonus promotion.

Do I pay taxes on any investments made with my welcome bonus?

If you have successfully received your welcome bonus, you are responsible for any and all taxes incurred by your investments and activities.

Is CMC Invest regulated by the FCA?

Yes, CMC Invest ("CMC Markets Investments Limited") is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conducted Authority (FCA). Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 948126).

Can CMC Invest rescind the welcome bonus offer?

Yes. In the case that you have breached the welcome bonus terms, we have the right to reclaim your welcome bonus.

For more information on our welcome bonus terms and conditions read our full page here.


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