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When you invest, your capital is at risk.

Transferring made easier

Having flexibility within your investment accounts is a plus. Transferring your ISAs and investments to our Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA and General Investment Account, not only allows you to manage your investments from a single account, and access your money whenever you need it, but could also mean greater potential returns on the money you invest. So, switch to CMC Invest using our unique and seamless in-app transfer process. You'll be able to track the progress of your transfers every step of the way.

Benefits of our in-app transfer process

  • No transfer fees
  • All transfer forms are in-app
  • Track the process with our transfer tracker
  • Transfer progress notifications
  • Option to do full or partial transfers

To see all the perks of upgrading to Plus, see more information on our subscription tiers.

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How to start your transfer

Start your transfer to us in as little as 30 seconds by completing our seamless and quick in-app transfer form. You can transfer your ISAs and investments by following our three steps.

  • 1
    Complete our transfer form - Fill in our in-app transfer form, where you'll need to provide the details of the provider you want to transfer from and what you would like to transfer. Before you can start a transfer, you'll need to complete our in-app W8-BEN. And if you wish to transfer to our Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA, you'll need to upgrade to Plus before you can move on to step 2.
  • 2
    We’ll handle the rest - Now you can sit back and relax while we work with your current provider on your behalf to transfer your investments, cash, or both. Through our unique in-app experience you can track the progress of your transfers and we'll let you know when we've hit a big milestone in your transfer journey.
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    That’s it! - Hooray! We'll notify you that your transfer has been completed and you'll be able to see your transferred assets in the app.
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When you invest, your capital is at risk.

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Transfer Bonus FAQs (Bonus ended 30 June 2023)

What is the Transfer Bonus?

You can now earn up to £250 Transfer Bonus on any transfers initiated within a 90-day window starting from the date of the first transfer request.

When does my 90-day transfer window start?

Your 90-day window starts from the day you first requested your transfer. Any transfers initiated within your 90-day window are eligible for the Transfer Bonus.

When do I get my Transfer Bonus?

After your 90 day transfer period has closed and all Eligible transfers have settled, we will calculate the Transfer Bonus amount after an additional 90 calendar days. Once calculated, your Transfer Bonus will then be deposited into your General Investment Account within six business days.

Can I transfer from a GIA and an ISA?

Yes. You can transfer investments and cash from your General Investment Account (GIA), Cash ISA, Stocks & Shares ISA, and Innovative Finance ISA. The total amount of all settled and Eligible Transfers (in both GIA and ISA) will be used to determine your Transfer Bonus value.

Can I transfer other types of ISAs?

Yes. You can also transfer a Cash ISA and an Innovative finance ISA. All you have to do is open an account, fill out our transfer form, and we’ll work with your current provider to transfer your cash on to our Stocks & shares ISA.

Does transferring affect my ISA allowance?

No. Transferring does not count toward your overall ISA allowance usage. But if you transfer your current year ISA, any current year allowance used from your old provider will also be transferred, so you still maintain the free tax advantages.

How long does a transfer take?

Transferring usually takes around 30 calendar days to complete, however, there are a lot of things that could delay this based on your current provider's timelines. The quickest way to start your transfer is through our easy in-app process. We'll then contact your provider for you and keep you updated on the transfer status within the app.

Is it free to transfer?

Yes, we do not charge you to transfer to us, however, there may be an exit fee with your current provider, so it is always best to check with them! We also do not charge you to leave us.

How much of my ISA can I transfer?

You can transfer as much as you wish, as transferring your ISA does not count towards your ISA allowance. However, if you are transferring this tax year’s ISA, you will need to transfer all of this in full. We advise you check with your current provider if they allow partial transfers.

What happens if you cannot hold my asset?

For funds, we would look to convert your asset to something that we are able to hold, however, this doesn't apply to shares. For investments we cannot convert, you can either decide to leave it at your current provider or sell it and send it across as cash.

Why have my assets/cash left my old account but not appearing in my CMC Account?

As part of the process of moving your assets between providers, both parties are required to agree on trade and settlement dates for which the move will take place. You’ll find that on the trade date, the assets will leave your account and will not appear on your new account until they have fully settled, which on average takes up to two days, however in some instances it can be longer. This is to allow suitable time for the assets to move between custodians/providers.

This is the same for cash, depending on how and when the cash is sent, can sometimes take a few days before it has settled. We aim to allocate cash to your account within 24 hours once it has settled in our accounts.

There are some brokers that use paper cheques to move cash, this process takes longer and is dependent on multiple factors such as courier service, processing speed of delivering and receiving bank. Whilst CMC Invest requests electronic cash payments, not all brokers are capable of complying with such requests.

Why are my profit and loss showing as infinity after I transferred?

When transferring in, some providers will supply us with the cost at which you bought your assets, commonly referred to as book cost. However, if they do not provide this information this will cause the profit and loss to appear as infinite. To resolve this, you can check your old provider’s app or your old contract notes to get the cost and you can email us this information so we can update it on your behalf.

Who can open a stocks & shares ISA account?

To be eligible to open a stocks & shares ISA account, you must be a UK tax resident and at least 18 years of age.

How many stocks & shares ISAs can I have?

You can’t pay into more than one stocks & shares ISA in a given tax year. However, you can choose to split your ISA allowance between a stocks and shares ISA and a cash ISA.

Who can open a general investment account?

Anyone can open an account as long as they're over 18, are a UK or EEA resident and have a UK bank account.

What happens to my dividends during a transfer?

Dividends will be received to where the stock was held before the market open on the qualifying date (commonly referred to as the Ex-Dividend Date). For example, if you held a stock at your old provider on the Ex-Dividend Date but transferred to us before the dividend is paid, the dividend will still be paid to your old provider.

We will typically avoid arranging transfers of your holdings that clash with the Ex-Dividend Date.

Following a full transfer out, some providers will sweep up all dividends received within the closed account and transfer them to your new provider. If some dividends are missing following a transfer to us, we will support you in contacting your old provider to find out their dividend transfer process.

Can I transfer during a corporate action?

This will depend on the type of corporate action and different brokers’ policies. Generally speaking, brokers will wait for a corporate action event to finalise before transferring the shares.

For more information concerning a specific corporate action, please contact our Customer Service team. Email, call +44 (0)20 3003 8303, or send a secure message through the CMC Invest app.