Straightforward and transparent fees


Welcome to commission-free investing with fair, flat fees. Whether you’re a cautious or adventurous long-term investor, we have a price plan to suit your investment style. And if you want to switch plans, there’s no extra joining or exit fees. It’s simple and affordable.

Fees£0up to £10up to £25
£0 commission
2% interest on settled cash
General Investment Account
Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA
Self-invested Personal Pension
ESG ratings & preferences
3,000+ US shares
Large-cap UK shares
400+ ETFs and Investment Trusts
1,000+ Mutual Funds
Mid & Small-cap UK shares
AIM shares
USD & EUR wallets (GIA only)

Foreign exchange

We calculate our FX fee by taking the current rate and multiplying it by 0.005 (0.50%). This rate is then applied to the money you want to convert to get the actual fee taken by us.

1.321 (example FX rate) x 0.005 (0.50%) = 0.00661

£100 (GBP) x 0.00661 = $0.66 (USD)

So, you'll get $132.10 (USD) from the simple FX conversion, minus our fee of $0.66 (USD), which is $131.44 (USD).

FX markets hoursMargin rate
Monday - Friday (during market hours)0.50%

Cash charges

You can withdraw your money from your accounts at any time. When you request your withdrawal, you will receive your money within 3-5 business days. If you need your money sooner than the 3-5 business days, you can request an urgent withdrawal.

Gross interest rate on uninvested cash (all accounts)​2% grossGross interest rate is the annual rate of interest to be paid on uninvested cash held in an investment, security and deposit account before taxes or other charges are deducted.​​
Urgent GBP withdrawls£15You can withdraw your money from your accounts at any time. When you request a withdrawal, the funds will reach your account within 3-5 business days. If you need your money sooner, you can request an urgent withdrawal.

Please note, you are responsible for paying any tax due to HMRC. How you are taxed will depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Other charges

Failed payment or late settlement£25Failed payments including rejected debit card payments plus 8% above Bank of England base rate charged on debt.
Paper documents sent by post£3 + VATPer document for sending consolidated tax certificates and statements and duplicate copies, including contract notes.

Government charges

UK stamp duty0.50%This is paid when you buy UK listed shares. The 0.50% is applied to the total trade value.​
UK PTM levy£1A flat rate of £1 is applied when you buy or sell UK shares with a trade value of over £10,000.​


1. Your plan will be charged on or around the first business day of each month. You can review and change your service plan easily online (read our price plan FAQs for more information).

2. Your new plan fee will usually be effective once you switch plans. You will be charged for the number of days you remain on a given plan during the regular cash collection cycle.

3. If at the end of the Business Day you do not hold any assets (including unsettled trades) other than cash in your Account(s) (“Custody Service Fee”), we will not apply a fee.

4. For new plans starting part way through the calendar month, you’ll be charged a Custody Service Fees, pro-rated for that month. You will also be charged for the number of days you have access to the plan within that month.

5. The Custody Service Fee will be charged on or around the third Business Day of each month.

6. Fees and charges (except FX charges) are charged in GBP. If you don’t hold enough GBP (cash) in your Account, we’ll convert any currency you hold at the Currency Conversion Rate to which we apply a spread (see above). The range of currencies are limited to what we can offer at that point in time. For further details, please refer to our Application.

7. No fee is charged for managing an ISA Account.

8. Please read our Fee Tariff for more information.

9. Interest on your uninvested settled cash (for all accounts) will only be paid on settled cash balances, which means cash available to withdraw.