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We don't just give you great value for money. We prove we're giving you great value for money. So, as well as no commission and low fees, all our costs are transparent - there are no nasty surprises. We're investors too and we know the impact that high fees can have on long-term performance.​

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When you invest, your capital is at risk.

Our guarantee

Commission-free investing

However much you invest, our commission is always 0%. Other charges apply.​

Unlimited free trades

Trade as often as you want, commission-free.

Transparent price plans

There are no hidden fees when you buy, sell and hold shares with us. See our costs and fees for more information.

How does CMC Invest make money?

Foreign exchange fees

We make a profit by charging a fee for foreign exchange (FX) conversions. The rate's variable, but we work it out by adding 0.50% to the FX rate, which is always displayed.

Here's an example

Simple FX currency conversion, without the CMC Invest FX fee:

£100 (GBP) x 1.321 (example FX rate) = $132.10 (USD)

How we calculate our CMC Invest FX fee

We take the current rate of 1.321 and multiply it by 0.005 (0.50%) to get our CMC Invest fee = 0.00661. We always round this number to 5 decimal points. This rate is then applied to the amount you want to convert.

Here's an example

£100 (GBP) x 0.00661 = $0.66 (USD)

So, you'll get $132.10 (USD) from the simple FX conversion, minus our fee of $0.66 (USD), which is $131.44 (USD).

Our price plans

Another way we make a profit is through our monthly subscriptions. Our Core plan gives you access to a general investment account, £0 commission per trade (standard charges apply), 3,000+ US shares, Large-cap UK shares, 400+ ETFs and Investment Trusts, ESG ratings, Bull vs Bear insights, and 2% interest on settled cash. It’s an easy option, with no monthly fee. Our Plus plan costs up to £10 a month and includes all the benefits of our Core plan, plus a Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA, 1,000+ Mutual Funds, Mid & Small-cap UK shares, AIM shares, and USD & EUR wallets (GIA only). Lastly, our Premium plan costs up to £25 a month, including all the great benefits of our Core and Plus plans and access to a Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP) account. See our price plans for more information.

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You tell us

We want to give you the best possible investment experience. That’s why the best person to help improve it is you.

We welcome any feedback, good or bad. Comment, compliment or complain via our in-app message centre or our customer service team.


New products and benefits

We’re always looking for new ways to help you invest with confidence and achieve your financial goals. We actively learn from our customers and regularly share new features and services to help you invest smarter. The job's never done.

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When you invest, your capital is at risk.

*FSCS is an independent body that offers protection to customers of financial services firms that have failed. The compensation amount may be up to £85,000 per eligible person, per firm. Eligibility conditions apply. Please contact the FSCS for more information.