Our purpose

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Disrupting the investment industry

For too long investors have seen large chunks of their savings and hard-earned cash disappear in excessive commissions and transaction fees. High costs have been shown to have a negative effect on the long term performance of your investments and are unacceptable and unfair to hard working people who want to invest for their future, their families and build financial security.

That's why we're disrupting the investment industry with greater value and lower fees that do not punish you for growing your wealth.

We can do this through technology with a complete end to end investing platform, eliminating multiple layers of third-party charges. These savings are passed directly on to our clients.

The CMC Group is a British Company, established in 1989 with over three decades of financial markets experience. We service clients from around the world with offices in 16 countries. We are listed on the London Stock Exchange and have the second biggest stockbroker in Australia where we have won the prestigious Canstar award for Best Online Broker for 11 years in a row!

We are disrupters at heart and we see technology as the best way to be efficient and bring down the costs of investments. We build and own our technology and invest heavily in it with minimal dependency on third parties.

Over the last three years we have processed globally via our investment platforms more than 220 million transactions valued at over £7.5 trillion.

With the launch of our new investor platform in the UK, we're bringing our global experience, trusted heritage, and disruptive culture to you – so that you can benefit from lower costs and greater long-term value in your investments.

How we're doing it

Transparency in everything we do

We think it's important for our customers to fully understand our efficiency model and the value CMC Invest can provide.

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    We build and own all our own platform technology, including client front ends, pricing, execution, and smart order routing.

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    Transactions are routed in real time (via smart order routing) to exchanges, prime brokers, market makers, banks, and fund managers.

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    The whole investing process is automated without human intervention.

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    We own the complete front to back office of our trading platform including clearing and settlement functions.

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    Our end-to-end technology reduces costs and eliminates third party payments for clearing and settlement.

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    Cost savings are passed onto our clients in the form of lower commissions and fees.

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    We are also offering multi-currency accounts so you can hold cash in other currencies, not just in Sterling helping you avoid unnecessary foreign exchange fees. For example, when you sell U.S. shares (like Google), you can keep your funds in U.S. Dollars and use it to buy other U.S. shares (like Apple) without incurring additional FX fees.

  • * Canstar is Australia's original & biggest financial comparison site.