Invest in US stocks with £0 commission

Take advantage of investment opportunities across the pond and develop your portfolio by investing in the biggest US companies. Choose from 3,000+ US stocks and grow your portfolio for the long term.

When you invest, your capital is at risk.

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What we offer

As investors, we understand how high ongoing dealing and foreign exchange fees can impact your strategy when investing in international stocks. Realise your investing potential with our competitive rates and innovative benefits.

What we offer
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Flat-rate fees

With our flat-rate platform fees, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying each month. See our price plans for more information.

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£0 commission

Have more cash to put towards your investments by saving money on commission on every trade. Other charges apply.

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FX fees

For every international share you buy or sell, we’ll always offer an FX fee of 0.50%. When you switch to Plus, you’ll get a USD and EUR wallet, so you can convert GBP to USD or EUR once and hold it for future investments.

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Live pricing

See the value of your portfolio in real-time and get pricing up-to-the-second on investments you buy, sell, or hold.

What you can invest in

Explore our growing universe of US stocks and choose from 3,000+ of the biggest US companies.

Note: Our table shows the top 10 most popular US stocks in the platform based on trading volume for the last 30 days.

When you invest, your capital is at risk. Past performance isn’t a reliable guide to future results.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I buy my first shares in the app?

Take a look at our helpful how-to guide on ‘Buying your first share’. This explains how to buy shares in the app in 7 simple steps. Just scroll down on the home screen in the app and tap ‘Get started’ to see our how-to guides.

How do you calculate FX fees?

We apply an additional FX fee spread of 0.50% to the current conversion rate at the time of execution. Here’s an example of how we calculate the CMC Invest FX fee for a conversion from GBP to USD:

We take the current exchange rate of 1.321 and multiply it by 0.005 (0.50%) to get our CMC Invest fee rate = 0.00660. We always round this number to 5 decimal points.

This rate is then applied to the money you want to convert to get the actual fee amount taken by us.

£100 (GBP) x 0.0066 = $0.66 (USD)

So, you'll get $132.10 (USD) from the simple FX conversion, minus our fee of $0.66 (USD), which is $131.44 (USD).

How do I set up a limit order to buy?

Buy limit orders allow you to take advantage of downward moves in a stock price.

To set one up:

- Tap 'Buy' when viewing the stock

- Tap the order type dropdown menu at the top and select limit order by quantity or by value, depending on whether you want to buy a number of shares or invest a cash amount

- Enter the number of shares or cash amount

- Set the target price you want your limit order to be triggered at

- Choose an expiry timeframe

- Tap ‘Review order’. If you’re happy, tap ‘Place buy limit order’

You’ll find details of your pending limit order by going to the account you used to place the order, then selecting the ‘Pending orders’ tab.

How do I switch my plan?

Just navigate to your profile in the app by tapping on the icon in the top-left of the home screen. Then select ‘Your plan’, swipe right to the plan you want to switch to tap on the switch button and follow the instructions. You’ll see the details relating to your new plan, including information about any fees. Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to go ahead, we’ll send you a confirmation in the message centre. It’s as simple as that.

What is a W-8 BEN form?

If you want to hold US shares, and you’re not a US citizen, you need to complete a
W-8 BEN form. If you haven't completed this form before you try to buy US shares for the first time, you’ll be taken through our online form within our app.

If you’re a US citizen, you’ll need to complete a W-9 form (see below).

US dividends are paid net of a 30% US 'withholding tax' (in the same way that UK dividends will have tax deducted at source). Because of tax agreements between the UK and the US, completing a W-8 BEN form will reduce the tax deducted from US dividends to 15% in a general investment account and stocks & shares ISA, and 0% in a SIPP.

How to buy a US stock

Buy and sell US stocks with our easy-to-use iOS and Android apps.

  1. Search for the company you want, select it, and tap ‘Buy’.

  2. Add how much you want to invest, or how many shares you’d like to buy. Then tap ‘Review order’.

  3. When you’re ready, tap ‘Buy’ to invest.

Straightforward and transparent price plans

Browse and choose from one of our plans that suits what you need. No hidden fees, no nasty surprises, just straightforward and transparent pricing. FX fees and UK government charges may apply.





Core plan


Always pay nothing for our Core plan. Core plan will always be £0/month.


  • General Investment Account
  • Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA
  • Self-invested Personal Pension


  • 0% Commission
  • 3,000+ US shares
  • Large-cap UK shares
  • 400+ ETFs and Investment Trusts
  • 0.50% FX fees
  • 2% interest on uninvested cash



Plus plan

£10 £0

Get our Plus plan for £0/month for the first 3 months*, then pay up to £10/month.


  • General Investment Account
  • Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA
  • Self-invested Personal Pension


  • Everything in Core
  • 1,000+ Mutual Funds
  • Mid & Small-cap UK shares
  • AIM shares
  • USD & EUR wallets (GIA Only)
  • Bull vs Bear insights

Premium plan

Coming soon

Join the waitlist and be notified when our Premium plan is available.


  • General Investment Account
  • Flexible Stocks & Shares ISA
  • Self-invested Personal Pension


  • Everything in Core and Plus

When you invest, your capital is at risk.

For the full list of features, see our platform fee structure.

*Subject to terms and conditions.

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