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Diversify your portfolio when you start investing in ETFs.Additionally, enjoy free monthly trades* on ETFs listed in SG, US, UK, HK and CA markets.*Number of free trades will depend on account tier

Why invest in ETFs

Instant diversificationETFs allow investors to trade a range of assets as one package, rather than having to individually buy all the components – you could think of it as buying a whole portfolio in one step. Because an ETF contains a range of different assets, they are popular among traders and investors looking to diversify their portfolio.TransparentETFs are transparent, because you can always see what the underlying investments in the ETF are and you know exactly what you are buying.Cost effectivenessIf you had to go and buy all 500 stocks that made up the S&P 500 you would pay your broker a commission every time. These fees can quickly add up and take a toll on your return. ETFs allow you to buy all 500 shares in one go and only pay one brokerage fee. At CMC Invest, you get to enjoy zero commission fees on SG, US, UK, HK and CA ETFs per your account tier.

Buy ETFs on local or global exchanges

How to get started on investing?
Apply for an accountApply online and wait for your account to be verified
Fund your accountDeposit seamlessly via bank transfer
Find and investTrade over 35,000 shares in domestic and international markets

What are ETFs and how does it work?

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that holds a collection of assets like shares, commodities and bonds. ETFs can be traded on stock exchanges such as the Singapore Exchange (SGX), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and more.
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EFTs are created by providers – usually large financial firms – who will consider which index, sector or commodity to track, before setting up the fund to emulate it. After it has been designed, it must be approved by its relative governing body before it can be traded on the market.ETFs that track an index, for example, buy the underlying assets of the index in accordance with their weighting, in order to mirror its rise and fall. The aim is to track the overall performance of the index through the fluctuations of the individual assets.Typically, all the assets contained in an ETF are owned by the fund provider, who then sells units of the ETF to investors. Those who purchase units in an ETF will own part of that fund, but not the actual assets themselves. Despite this, investors in an ETF that tracks a stock index get lump dividend payments, or reinvestments, for the stocks that make up the index.
Invest in shares seamlessly, on-the-go via tablet or mobile Choose a platform that suits your needs and experience. On CMC Invest, our platforms are feature rich and easy to use for both online and application trading.
  • Easy access to SG and 14 international markets
  • Simple order tickets with advanced capabilities
  • Advanced charting with technical indicators and draw tools
  • Manned SG-based live chat support via the platform
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