We’ll make it worthyour while to


Transfer your stock portfolio to us and get up to S$300.

Transfer your stocks and get rewarded

When you transfer your account from one brokerage firm to another, there is typically a fee charged by the brokerage that you are transferring out of. CMC Invest has your back - based on your position's value, you may get up to S$300 cash rebate. 

Get an additional S$100 cash rebate when you transfer from TD Ameritrade

How to transfer?

Please select from the available forms below if you are transferring from a custodian account or CDP account.If you have further enquiries on transfers, please email support@cmcinvest.sg orcontact our local customer service team at +65 6559 6000.
How to transfer from custodian accounts
Please use the form below if you wish to transfer your stock in or out of CMC Invest.
How to transfer from CDP accounts
If you wish to transfer your stocks from your CDP account, you may do so in 2 easy steps. Our client services team will reach out within 5 business days once your mail has been received.
Complete the 'Request for Transfers of Securities' form here
  • Please ensure you physically sign on the original document as a 'wet ink' signature is required
  • You may view our guide and sample form here
2 Mail the form along with a copy of your identification documents (front and back) to: CMC Markets Singapore Invest Pte Ltd
9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza Tower I, #30-02, Singapore 048619

Why transfer to us?

Global reachDiversify your portfolio and invest in over thousands of shares and ETFs across 15 markets, all from a single platform.
No hidden feesAll our plans and fees are straightforward and are clearly listed because we believe you should have transparency about your money.
Zero feesWe do not charge any transfer-in, deposit, withdrawal, inactivity and platform fees. On top of that, we will give you up to S$300 cash rebate to offset any transfer-out fees your other broker will charge you.

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Have a question for us?

Ask us or get your queries sorted here
Do I need to fund my account before transferring my portfolio?

There is no need to top-up your CMC Invest account before you submit your transfer request.

I've just bought shares. Can I still transfer my portfolio?

You will need to wait until any recent trades have settled in your account before submitting your transfer request. It usually takes 2 trading days.

Will I be charged to transfer my portfolio?

We do not charge you to transfer your portfolio over to us, but your outgoing broker may. The transfer-out fee varies depending on the broker. For more information on transfer-out fee, please reach out to your outgoing broker.

We will make it worth your while to switch to CMC Invest. On top of zero transfer-in, platform, inactivity, deposit and withdrawal fees, get up to S$300 cash rebate. Learn more about our transfers offer and view your eligibility using our calculator above.

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