Dear TD Ameritrade Singapore retail clients, CMC Invest can be your new home

Sep 26, 2023 | CMC Invest

Dear TD Ameritrade clients,

We are sorry to hear that TD Ameritrade will no longer be servicing retail clients. CMC Invest is the newest player in the Singapore share trading market – and we have always looked up to our friends who have helped to pave the way in this field. TD Ameritrade was a pioneer in the industry and while some may see us as natural competitors, we have always respected their work and take inspiration from them as we seek to champion the transparent message to encourage saving and investing.

CMC Invest would like to offer a special promotion for those clients with positions at TD Ameritrade by allowing them to transfer to us for free. CMC Invest will even rebate you the cost of any move and give you a S$100 bonus (T&Cs will apply). We believe that doing the right thing, even when it costs us more, is still the right thing. CMC Invest wants to promote savings and eliminate expensive (and hidden) fees in the investment community. This is our mission – to help Singaporeans save on every front.

CMC Markets plc is a 35-year-old business, listed on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE) and has been operational in Singapore since 2007. We would love for you to consider us as a new partner and continue your investing and saving journey. Here is how we can help:

  1. Transferring your Stock, REIT and ETF positions for free – here is how you can start your transfer process
  2. Offering you breadth and depth of global exchanges to continue your investing journey, all while receiving SGD 200 worth of value on the free Gold Tier, which includes data access, TradingView charts, as well as other services and trade savings
  3. Fractional Options and Wealth Management will soon follow so you can diversify your investments and portfolios with different products
  4. World Scale Partners: Orders will  be executed by Morgan Stanley, your assets are custodised with BNP, and your monies are securely held with JPMorgan – all globally regulated and recognised top financial institutions. We pay more for this privilege than many of our competitors, but we believe that that is the non-negotiable price for our clients’ safety and security

At CMC Invest, we are committed to serving our clients with integrity and our client services team is on-hand 24/5 to support you. We feel confident that you will be able to find a new home for your investments at CMC Invest, a home that will allow you to build your wealth for many generations to come...

Transfer promotion exclusively for TD Ameritrade clients:

Tier (based on highest tier met):
Cash rebate (T&Cs apply):  
Exclusively for TD Ameritrade clients (T&Cs apply):
Transfer stock positions valued at min. S$10,000

S$100 cash rebate 

Additional S$100 cash rebate and any transfer-out fees imposed by TD Ameritrade (capped at S$500)
Transfer stock positions valued at S$20,000 - S$49,999S$150 cash rebateAdditional S$100 cash rebate and any transfer-out fees imposed by TD Ameritrade (capped at S$500)
Transfer stock positions valued at min. S$50,000S$300 cash rebateAdditional S$100 cash rebate and any transfer-out fees imposed by TD Ameritrade (capped at S$500)

How to transfer your positions into CMC Invest? 

  • Please complete our transfer form here.
  • Find out more about transfers here.   

What's next?

  • Create your free account here.  

  • Get up to 1 free Tesla Inc share when you fund and trade. Find out more here


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