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Enjoy a waiver off your levy and exchange trading fees when you invest in Hong Kong stocks.View tax rates
Fees cost you more than you think, and we want to do something about that

Expenses such as commission, inactivity and platform fees impact investors like yourself by creating costs that reduce the returns on your investment in the long run.

What you pay matters to us, hence we keep our fees minimal after your free trades. See how much of your money is actually being put into growing your wealth when you invest with us.

We offer lower-than-average commission fees after your free trades, and with no platform, maintenance or inactivity fees.

If you invest S$5,000 a month for 10 years, you'll enjoy 12%* higher returns with CMC Invest.

*Based on annualised returns difference on a 0.17% industry average commission fees

Why you should switch toCMC Invest Without any platform or inactivity fees, CMC Invest makes it worth your while to switch by saving your dollars in the long run.
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What are external fees that I might be charged with?

Effective 1 Jan 2023, Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 8% will be applied to commission fees (outside of the free trade allowance). Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be applied to fees and charges in accordance with Singapore GST regulations.

All customers will continue to enjoy free monthly trades and GST only applies to commissions outside of the free trade allowance. CMC Invest does not charge any platform fees.

What fees are involved in trading?

The main fees when you are trading generally includes:

  • Platform fees
  • Commission fees
  • Currency conversion fees
  • Maintenance and inactivity fees
  • Deposit and withdrawal fees

Fortunately, CMC Invest has zero platform, maintenance, inactivity, deposit or withdrawal fees, while currency conversion and commission fees are kept to a minimum. Take advantage of our 2 free SG trades and 5 free US, UK, HK and CA trades per month available on your free basic 'gold' account. Click here​ to sign up today. 

How does CMC Invest make money?

While CMC Invest has zero platform, maintenance, inactivity, deposit or withdrawal fees, we earn from commissions as a percentage of the value of the trade.

What are the tax rates for Hong Kong stocks?

A stamp duty of 0.13% applies to all buy and sell trades. Other fees including transaction levy and trading fees range from 0.00015% to 0.00565% of the transaction amount. This will however, be waived off at CMC Invest. View our full pricing details​ here​.

What are the tax rates for France stocks?​

A Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) of 0.30% applies to all buy trades. The full list of stocks can be found in the official application decree. View our full pricing details here​.​​

What are the tax rates for Singapore stocks?​

A clearing fee for trading Singapore listed securities is payable at 0.0325% of the transaction amount. SGX listed securities also incur a trading fee of 0.0075% of the transaction amount. ​View our full pricing details​ here​.​

What are the tax rates for Spain stocks?​

The Spanish Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) of 0.20% is applied to all purchases of Spanish shares and equity-linked securities (i.e. depositary receipts) in listed companies with a capitalisation above EUR 1bn. For the full list of stocks, visit the Spanish Tax Authority site here. View our full pricing details​ here​.​​

What are the tax rates for United Kingdom stocks?​

A Panel for Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) Levy and Stamp Duty may be applicable. Stamp Duty is applied on all buy transactions at a rate of 0.5% of the transaction amount. A PTM Levy of GBP 1 is applied to buy and sell transactions where the Gross Value of the trade exceeds GBP 10,000. View our full pricing details​ here​.​​

What are the tax rates for United States stocks?​

A combined Trading Activity Fee (TAF) and SEC fee of 0.0229% applies to all sell trades. View our full pricing details​ here​.​​

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